It only took Allen a week to prove himself a hypocrite.

Remember last week, when George Allen criticized Tim Kaine for raising money out of state? Well, today George Allen was at a fundraiser in Newport Beach, California. That took exactly one week. It was a dumb-ass criticism from Allen in the first place. He got burned making the same criticism of Webb in 2006, and […]

Allen says it’s bad to leave Virginia.

From the Daily Progress, covering George Allen getting a haircut at my barber today (seriously): Allen criticized Kaine for his spending time with Obama in Chicago, rather than campaigning in Virginia. “While I’m here in Charlottesville, at Staples Barber Shop, he’s up in Chicago with President Obama’s big money bundlers, in Chicago, and I’d rather […]

Links for March 31st

Buzzfeed: 60 Completely Unusable Stock PhotosIt's difficult to know what these photographers were thinking. I can't envision a use for a photo of Hitler wearing a gingham dress, peeling potatoes. The Guardian: Doctor in court after father’s 27-year fight for justice for dead daughterAfter this Frenchman's daughter was raped and murdered, Germany wouldn't extradite the […]

Links for February 16th

Washington Post: Ex-rep. Perriello might run for U.S. Senate in Va. if Kaine doesn’tGood. Kaine is my first choice, for practical reasons, but Perriello is my second. Library of Congress: Chronicling AmericaThe LoC has the complete contents of long-ago newspapers from all around Virginia, mostly from around the turn of the last century. The Richmond […]

Good for Senator Webb.

You know what Congressman Tom Perriello should have done differently? Nothing. That’s basically how I feel about today’s news that Senator Jim Webb isn’t going to seek a second term. If Perriello had changed his votes or his message to appease the right, he wouldn’t be Perriello—he’d just be another pandering politician. Webb hated running […]

Sen. Deeds is pulling even with McDonnell.

A trend has emerged in the last couple of poll results: Sen. Creigh Deeds is pulling even with Bob McDonnell. Clarus research group’s poll came out a few days ago, showing McDonnell 5% ahead of Deeds, much closer than Deeds had been. But who is Clarus? I have no idea. So I ignored it. But […]

Obama has named VA Secretary of Technology the nation’s CTO.

President Obama has named Aneesh Chopra the U.S. Chief Technology Advisor. Aneesh is (or, rather, was) Gov. Kaine’s CTO, and I worked with him on a project earlier this year. I’d hoped to work with him on many more in the months ahead, but if that’s not going to happen, this is certainly a really […]

Kaine’s successful start as DNC chair.

Given all of the concern about Gov. Kaine’s ability to serve two masters—to be both governor and chair of the DNC—I think it’s noteworthy how well things have gone so far. RNC chairman Michael Steele continues to embarrass himself and the Republican Party, particularly in his recent interactions with Rush Limbaugh, finding himself on the […]

The RPV’s changing veepstakes logic.

The RPV on the McCain naming Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his running mate today: “John McCain hit it out of the park with his selection of Governor Palin,” said Delegate Jeffrey M. Frederick, Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia. “This is a bold, fresh, and exciting choice that clearly demonstrates that Republicans aren’t […]