Allen says it’s bad to leave Virginia.

From the Daily Progress, covering George Allen getting a haircut at my barber today (seriously):

Allen criticized Kaine for his spending time with Obama in Chicago, rather than campaigning in Virginia.

“While I’m here in Charlottesville, at Staples Barber Shop, he’s up in Chicago with President Obama’s big money bundlers, in Chicago, and I’d rather be here at Staples Barber Shop … and in touch with the folks here.”

A note to my future self: George Allen believes that it’s bad to leave Virginia. “The real America,” he might call it. Any candidate in this race who leaves Virginia to do other things is a lesser person. Also, anybody who raises money while visiting out of the state (like, say, Hollywood) is a big, fat loser.

I started to drive to Staples to get a trim today, but decided it was too late in the day. Good thing.

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