Kaine’s DNC travel revealed via FOIA.

A FOIA request to the state police has been successful in teasing out Gov. Kaine’s travel schedule. He’s refused to release it, under logic that is legally sound, but basically bullshit. But since he’s always got a state-assigned bodyguard with him (as all Virginia governors have for many years), and since he’s reimbursing the state for that bodyguard’s time when he’s doing the work of the DNC (which Gilmore did not do, sticking the state with that bill), that means that a FOIA request to the state police for their reimbursed expenses could yield his travel itinerary.

The data show that Kaine didn’t leave Virginia for any DNC business until the legislature adjourned; no doubt Republicans hoped to find evidence to the contrary. He took a total of fourteen trips that took him out of state from March through June. Of the 31 days during which he was traveling, only six included a weekend. (Although I can’t imagine that the job of governor is actually limited to Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM.) There’s nothing terribly interesting in these data, at least no that’s obvious to me, but no doubt folks looking at these dates and destinations will be able to determine what he was doing for the DNC and how much time he spent on those things during the days in question.

Published by Waldo Jaquith

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