It only took Allen a week to prove himself a hypocrite.

Remember last week, when George Allen criticized Tim Kaine for raising money out of state? Well, today George Allen was at a fundraiser in Newport Beach, California. That took exactly one week. It was a dumb-ass criticism from Allen in the first place. He got burned making the same criticism of Webb in 2006, and […]

Allen says it’s bad to leave Virginia.

From the Daily Progress, covering George Allen getting a haircut at my barber today (seriously): Allen criticized Kaine for his spending time with Obama in Chicago, rather than campaigning in Virginia. “While I’m here in Charlottesville, at Staples Barber Shop, he’s up in Chicago with President Obama’s big money bundlers, in Chicago, and I’d rather […]

Links for July 9th

GAO: Replacing the $1 Note with a $1 Coin Would Provide a Financial Benefit to the GovernmentGetting rid of the $1 bill would save the government $184M/year. Not an enormous amount, on the scale of the budget, but there's no getting around that $184M is a very large amount of money indeed. Ten years ago, […]

Links for July 7th

PolitiFact: George Allen changes stance again on ethanol subsidiesAllen was against ethanol subsidies. Then he was for them. Now he's against them. It's got to be dizzying, change positions every time the political wind shifts. PolitiFact: Virginia GOP says Phil Puckett voted against sending EPA a messagePolitiFact finds the RPV's criticism of Sen. Puckett to […]

Links for May 13th

PolitiFact Virginia: Jamie Radtke says George Allen had 40,000 earmarks while senatorDoes anybody take this woman seriously anymore? CNN: Conservative group sues over bin Laden death photosAlthough I think it would be politically unwise and generally disgusting to release the photos of Osama bin Laden's corpse, I think there's a good argument to be made […]

Good for Senator Webb.

You know what Congressman Tom Perriello should have done differently? Nothing. That’s basically how I feel about today’s news that Senator Jim Webb isn’t going to seek a second term. If Perriello had changed his votes or his message to appease the right, he wouldn’t be Perriello—he’d just be another pandering politician. Webb hated running […]

“Americans are addicted to oil.”

George Allen: “Americans are not addicted to oil. Americans are addicted to freedom.” Who was it, again, who said that Americans are addicted to oil? Oh, right—President Bush, in his SOTU address. Of course, Allen is just being consistent with his support for legalizing drugs. a smug hypocritical dope.