Links for March 31st

  • Buzzfeed: 60 Completely Unusable Stock Photos
    It's difficult to know what these photographers were thinking. I can't envision a use for a photo of Hitler wearing a gingham dress, peeling potatoes.
  • The Guardian: Doctor in court after father’s 27-year fight for justice for dead daughter
    After this Frenchman's daughter was raped and murdered, Germany wouldn't extradite the accused murderer. Said German was recently kidnapped, trussed up, and deposited on the street in front of a courthouse in France. He's now awaiting trial in a French jail.
  • NBC-29: Obama pushes DNC chairman Kaine toward Senate bid
    The inevitable fourth step of Kaine's faux-coy slide into becoming a candidate for U.S. Senate: the president publicly urging him to run. Up next:Kaine's public statement that he takes very seriously the president's request, and that he's seriously considering doing so. Then, finally, the announcement that he's running, in which he says that part of why he's doing so is because the president really wants him to.

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8 replies on “Links for March 31st”

  1. Are you still technically a vigilante if you leave the suspected rapist and murder on the steps of a courthouse to stand trial rather than just killing him in his home?

    For future reference, Mr. Bamberski, you’re supposed to drug him and have him wake up in a strange hotel room near Charles de Gaul on the outskirts of Paris to the sound of policemen knocking without any clear recollection of how he ended up there. Sure, he’ll still claim he was kidnapped, but who will believe him?

    S’alright. Rookie mistake.

  2. Are you kidding? I can think of ten or twenty uses for that photo without half trying!

  3. I got a “skin” sampler from in the mail a few days ago with pics of elderly naked people with skin graphs, smeared lipstick, and other freakish features. I thought, what on Earth would anyone ever use these for? Yeah, I don’t get it.

  4. Some of those pictures do at least tell a story.

    I wish fewer of those stories ended in homicide.

    Looking at you, #36.

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