Kaine’s successful start as DNC chair.

Given all of the concern about Gov. Kaine’s ability to serve two masters—to be both governor and chair of the DNC—I think it’s noteworthy how well things have gone so far. RNC chairman Michael Steele continues to embarrass himself and the Republican Party, particularly in his recent interactions with Rush Limbaugh, finding himself on the defense throughout the five weeks since he assumed office. Gov. Kaine assumed his position with the DNC just nine days prior to Steele. I hardly need mention that Kaine has suffered none of the public embarrassment to which Steele has subjected himself.

Of course, it’s possible that he’s doing a terrible job as chair of the DNC, serving only one master—Virginia—while ignoring the other. (Though I can see no sign of that.) And with his time at the DNC measured in weeks, his role clearly and necessarily overshadowed by President Obama, there is time yet for him to err. But so far, claims that Kaine couldn’t pull it off appear to be wrong.

Published by Waldo Jaquith

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