It only took Allen a week to prove himself a hypocrite.

Remember last week, when George Allen criticized Tim Kaine for raising money out of state? Well, today George Allen was at a fundraiser in Newport Beach, California. That took exactly one week.

It was a dumb-ass criticism from Allen in the first place. He got burned making the same criticism of Webb in 2006, and apparently learned nothing. In both instances, Allen criticized his opponent for raising money out of state, and in both cases he went straight to California to raise money. It’s pathological.

But it gets worse. Here’s Allen’s defense, from campaign spokesman Bill Riggs:

After more than 30 consecutive months of unemployment above 8 percent, it took zero jobs created in August for Chairman Kaine to finally realize and say in his words, ‘we need a job creation strategy.’ So what did he do? He went to Chicago to raise campaign cash with President Obama’s big money bundlers.

That, of course, bears no connection to Allen’s criticism. It’s pathetic.

Note something else in the statement from Allen’s campaign. The quoted text contains the phrase “Chairman Kaine” three times. Never “Kaine,” never “Governor Kaine,” but “Chairman Kaine.” As in “Chairman Mao.” They think they’re being clever, using the honorific of the chair of the Chinese Communist Party. What the Allen campaign doesn’t understand is that they’re doing it wrong. If they just used the phrase once per press release, the media could pick it up, and the phrase could become part of the vernacular. Instead, by using it over and over again, it’s just embarrassing to read, because it’s so over-the-top.

I’m reminded of people who are unable to refer to President Obama by name, but have to write “Nobama,” or “President Osama” every single time. Or, as I lamented in 2005 about critics of President Bush, “people who call President Bush ‘Resident Bush,’ ‘Preznit Bush,’ or ‘Bushit.'” I can understand people thinking—wrongly—that they’re clever on first usage, but the tenth time?

It’s going to be a long race.

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4 replies on “It only took Allen a week to prove himself a hypocrite.”

  1. A long, looong race. Although I am not positive that the RVA is trying to conflate Kaine with Mao by using “Chairman”. In my mind, it is more an effort to minimize his record (by not using “Governor”) and tying him hard to the Democratic Party (which they think is a winning strategy). As a bonus they get to combine the two and remind folks that Kaine was a “part-time governor” in order to run the DNC.

    Although you’re probably right about them beating it into the ground.

  2. Darn it, I meant to write “Democrat Party”. No, wait, “Democrap”. No, “Demoncrat.” No, “DemocRAT.” Hahaha… I’m so clever and funny.

  3. Agree 100% The “funny” made-up names that are then used over and over and over again are just absurd, annoying, and insulting to anyone who has to read them. I feel the same way about “Democrat” and “Chairman Kaine” as I do about some other VA Bloggers who use “Felix Maccawitz Allen” and “Eric Can’tor”

  4. George Allen surrounds himself with pygmy sycophants who dream up this kind of stupid because they know the boss likes to talk this way, and they want to please him. Remember the “A Team”? Dick Wadhams? He doesn’t attract quality talent.

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