Some of the questions raised by the approval to toll I-95.

I’m wondering what to do with the news that the Federal Highway Administration has provided preliminary approval for Virginia to toll I-95. There’s so much that I don’t know about transportation funding. Here’s some of what I’d like to know: The funding from this can only go to 95, right? How much of the cost […]

It only took Allen a week to prove himself a hypocrite.

Remember last week, when George Allen criticized Tim Kaine for raising money out of state? Well, today George Allen was at a fundraiser in Newport Beach, California. That took exactly one week. It was a dumb-ass criticism from Allen in the first place. He got burned making the same criticism of Webb in 2006, and […]

Allen says it’s bad to leave Virginia.

From the Daily Progress, covering George Allen getting a haircut at my barber today (seriously): Allen criticized Kaine for his spending time with Obama in Chicago, rather than campaigning in Virginia. “While I’m here in Charlottesville, at Staples Barber Shop, he’s up in Chicago with President Obama’s big money bundlers, in Chicago, and I’d rather […]

An independent has joined the 59th House race.

Connie Brennan announcing her 2007 campaign. Good news for my friend Connie Brennan: a conservative independent has become the third candidate in the race in the 59th House of Delegates district, which will surely split the vote on the right. This is the race for Watkins Abbitt’s seat, the conservative Democrat-turned-independent (caucusing with Republicans) who […]

Congressmen are upside-down in a new CNN poll.

The post-debt-ceiling poll numbers are in, and they’re not good for Republicans. A CNN poll released today finds the Republican Party is down to a 33% approval rating, vs. a 47% approval rating for the Democratic Party. Speaker John Boehner’s approval rating has dropped ten points in the past three weeks, down to 33%, while […]

“Federal default might be what it takes to right the nation’s fiscal ship.”

In the New York Times, Carl Hulse writes of the debt ceiling debate: [I]n the House Republican majority…distrust of the Obama administration runs deep and warnings of economic Armageddon do not seem to be moving lawmakers toward a compromise. Instead, many Congressional Republicans seem to be spoiling for a fight, calculating that some level of […]

These geologists who support Virginia uranium mining are familiar.

I was surprised to see that a group of professional geologists are backing uranium mining in Pittsylvania County. These are the people who I’d anticipated opposing this Canadian company’s proposal. The name of the organization rang a bell. The American Institute of Professional Geologists. I’ve heard that name. Oh, right, here’s where: In August 2009, […]

“The American people.”

A pet peeve of mine: Politicians who insist on talking about what “the American people” want, and what “the American people” think. Every politician who says that believes that—in a striking coincidence—what the American people want happens to be precisely what said politician wants. Never noticed this? You will now. You can hear an example […]

Cuccinelli has found support for a UVA ban on firearms, but I’m not sure he’s got it right.

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli issued an advisory opinion on firearms on campuses (PDF) a few days ago. Before I even read it, I knew I’d be torn about his conclusions, whatever they would prove to be. I own a few firearms (long guns, not handguns), and I paid close attention to Heller a few years […]