Congressmen are upside-down in a new CNN poll.

The post-debt-ceiling poll numbers are in, and they’re not good for Republicans. A CNN poll released today finds the Republican Party is down to a 33% approval rating, vs. a 47% approval rating for the Democratic Party. Speaker John Boehner’s approval rating has dropped ten points in the past three weeks, down to 33%, while […]

Links for May 30th

New York: How Not to Talk to Your KidsPo Bronson summarizes research on self-esteem, praise, and children. Kids who are praised for their intelligence freeze when faced with tasks beyond their intelligence. But kids who are praised for their effort quickly learn to relish challenges, and their learning improves accordingly. I was definitely in the […]

Poll puts Deeds at top among 18-29 year olds.

Public Policy Polling has a new poll in the statewide primaries. (FWIW, don’t recognize this outfit’s name.) They’ve got Brian Moran at 22%, Terry McAuliffe at 18%, and Sen. Creigh Deeds at 15%, all in a 3.6% MoE. The interesting bits are that McAuliffe maintains a huge level of unfavorable ratings (29% to Moran’s 15% […]