The Virginia Supreme Court has ruled against Cuccinelli in climate case, with prejudice.

Another round in court, another loss for Ken Cuccinelli. The attorney general issued, famously, a civil investigative demand to the University of Virginia, insisting that they turn over all records pertaining to and generated by climatologist Michael Mann. UVA refused to comply with the demand. Now the Supreme Court of Virginia has ruled against Cuccinelli, […]

The other reason that the ultrasound bill crumbled.

Obviously, the biggest reason why the ultrasound bill collapsed is because of its implicit requirement of a transvaginal ultrasound. It’s enormously ironic that Del. Kathy Byron is simultaneously patroning one bill that requires that an object be inserted into an unwilling woman’s vagina (arguing that such medical decisions are the role of government) and another […]

5 perhaps unanticipated effects of declaring fetuses to be “persons” under Virginia law.

Fetuses must be strapped into child safety seats. (§ 46.2-1095) A pregnant woman can put her fetus in foster care. (§ 63.2-900) A judge can order that the state take legal custody of a woman’s fetus if she intends to have an abortion. (§ 16.1-246) A court is to provide a father visitation rights with […]

How Del. Marshall’s “personhood” bill would render the Code of Virginia absurd.

I’ve spent a great deal of time, in the past year and a half, studying the state code. (As of next week, it’s my full-time job.) My self-assigned task has been to slice and dice the Code of Virginia into discrete units, in as many directions as possible, and fold it back on itself in […]

I’m speaking at tomorrow’s Jefferson Jackson event in Richmond.

I don’t normally mention my public speaking engagements, but tomorrow I’ve got one that’s free, open to the public, and liable to be of general interest. Tomorrow is the Democratic Party of Virginia’s Jefferson Jackson Dinner, the party’s big annual event. As a part of the day’s activities, I’m speaking on a panel with former […]

Hurt: It takes 150 times longer to start a business now than in 1987.

From Rep. Robert Hurt’s e-mail newsletter today: Last week I also visited with the owner of an auto repair shop in Appomattox. He told me that he first started his business back in 1987. Back then, he was able to get his business up and running in one day. One day was all it took […]

Did Connaughton lie to the CTB and Albemarle about the Western Bypass price tag?

Sean Connaughton probably won’t sleep very well tonight. A FOIA request reveals that he low-balled the estimate for building Charlottesville’s proposed Western Bypass, which might help explain why he pushed through approval of the thing, getting a four-person majority on the Albemarle Board of Supervisors to hold an unadvertised midnight vote to sign off on […]