Congressmen are upside-down in a new CNN poll.

The post-debt-ceiling poll numbers are in, and they’re not good for Republicans. A CNN poll released today finds the Republican Party is down to a 33% approval rating, vs. a 47% approval rating for the Democratic Party. Speaker John Boehner’s approval rating has dropped ten points in the past three weeks, down to 33%, while […]

Tea Party disappointed by Hurt’s inaccessibility.

The Tea Party is upset with Rep. Robert Hurt: The group gathered in the parking lot outside Hurt’s Berkmar Circle office for about half an hour. After a few speeches, the crowd dispersed, with some attendees going to speak to office staff who were inside handling casework. Some were upset that no representative from Hurt’s […]

McDonnell faked the moon landing with Elvis.

A report from the Virginia Tea Party Convention today: On the way inside, actually, I was handed a leaflet from the Virginia Taxpayers Association blasting McDonnell for “accepting Obama’s appointment to the unlawful, unconstitutional Council of Governors” because “it ensures endorsement of him for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination by the ultra secret, ultra powerful […]

The Tea Party: Just like any other political party, only hopelessly naïve.

The Tea Party presents itself as a grassroots, jus’ folks, not-gonna-take-it-any-more uprising, consisting of regular people who were so fed up after several weeks of Barack Obama’s presidency that they just couldn’t take it anymore and they just had to do something. But that’s basically the opposite of what we’re seeing here in the fifth […]

Teabaggers held a protest at Rep. Perriello’s office.

A bunch of angry, unhinged teabaggers protested at Rep. Tom Perriello’s office yesterday, calling him a “traitor,” “coward,” “prostitute,” and accusing him of “treason.” They believe that global climate change doesn’t exist. (Not that it’s not man-made, but that it doesn’t exist.) Politically, this is an awfully foolish approach—one never sways much popular opinion by […]