An independent has joined the 59th House race.

Connie Brennan announcing her 2007 campaign. Good news for my friend Connie Brennan: a conservative independent has become the third candidate in the race in the 59th House of Delegates district, which will surely split the vote on the right. This is the race for Watkins Abbitt’s seat, the conservative Democrat-turned-independent (caucusing with Republicans) who […]

First thoughts on redistricting.

I’m getting home too late to provide much in the way of useful commentary, but I really want to point to the redistricting plans that became public this evening. Just one week before they’re due to be voted on, we’re all getting our first look at them. (To be fair, I thought odds were good […]

Del. Clarke Hogan is retiring to spend more time with his business.

What to make of Del. Clarke Hogan’s decision not to run for reelection? The South Boston Republican is only in his fourth term, he’s ascended in power quickly, he’s young, and his voting record is loyally Republican. He serves on both the Rules and Appropriations committees, which are good assignments. There’s been talk—and maybe it’s […]

Far-far-far right-winger running against Del. Vanderhye.

The awesomely, hilariously far-right serial loser Barbara Comstock intends to run against Del. Margie Vanderhye up in Fairfax, Zachary Roth writes for TPM Muckraker. Comstock’s a one-woman worst-hits list of the Republican Party in the past decade. She made it her mission to take out Hillary Clinton in the form of Whitewater. She was the […]