The Lookout: The Texans who live on the ‘Mexican side’ of the border fence—‘Technically, we’re in the United States’

The fence between Mexico and the U.S. isn’t always on the border. Sometimes it’s over a mile away, leaving Texans’ homes on the wrong side of the fence, sandwiched against the Mexican border. They’ve had their property split in two by the fence, and some homeowners have found that the Border Patrol guards not the […]

Links for October 19th

Frontline: The U.S. Immigration Detention BoomThis map of the growth of immigrant detention facilities is a great—and alarming—illustration of the rise of these ever-larger, often private facilities. Wikipedia: Northwest AngleInsufficient understanding of North American geography in the late 1700s resulted in the Treaty of Paris accidentally assigning a notch of land in Canada to the […]

Links for October 6th

New York Times: Herman Cain is a Candidate Writing His Own Campaign RulesRunning for president? Nah. Herman Cain has decided he'd rather go on a book tour. Much like Sarah Palin and Donald Trump, Cain appears to view running for the Republican nomination as a cheap method of getting national press. MSNBC: Secret panel can […]

Links for October 5th

Chattanooga Times-Free Press: 96-year-old Chattanooga resident denied voting IDDorothy Cooper even managed to vote under Jim Crow, but the Tennessee Republican Party has proved to be one obstacle she can't overcome. She's never driven, so she has no driver's license. She tried to get a photo ID, but she has to present her marriage certificate, […]

Links for May 5th

Wikipedia: Timeline of Web BrowsersA family tree for web browsers. There are a lot of browsers here I hadn't thought of for years. HotJava, ViolaWWW, and Cello, in particular. Voice of America: Historian Recounts Role of Chinese Americans Who Fought in US Civil WarIn 1861, there were only 200 Asians living in the Eastern U.S. […]

NRO Columnist: Republicans’ immigration stance is dooming them to be a minority party.

Richard Nadler calls on conservatives to abandon their current anti-immigration efforts: At some point, conservatives must reflect on how many allies, and how many issues, we are willing to sacrifice in a fey and futile attempt to get field workers, busboys, and nannies out of the country. […] Every hour we postpone a border reform […]

10% of Virginians are foreign-born.

UVa’s Weldon Cooper Center has found that 10% of Virginians are immigrants. The top five countries of origin are El Salvador, Mexico, Korea, the Philippines, and India. What must Virginia Republicans think of this demographic shift? Well, to quote Grandpa, from The Boondocks: I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you over the sound of me shittin’ […]