NRO Columnist: Republicans’ immigration stance is dooming them to be a minority party.

Richard Nadler calls on conservatives to abandon their current anti-immigration efforts:

At some point, conservatives must reflect on how many allies, and how many issues, we are willing to sacrifice in a fey and futile attempt to get field workers, busboys, and nannies out of the country. […] Every hour we postpone a border reform that respects the interests of employers and Hispanics, our entire agenda suffers.

Nadler heads a non-profit that’s working to grow the Republican Party’s constituencies. (He’s also a creationist and a racist, incidentally.) I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Republicans warn that Latinos will make up a majority of the nation’s population within a few decades but, if they really believe that, they’d best start courting that population rather than attacking them.

Published by Waldo Jaquith

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