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PPP’s survey of likely Republican voters in Mississippi and Alabama is really something.

Forget the presidential race—the other responses are pretty amazing. Only 14% believe that the presidentis is Christian (45% believe he’s Muslim, 41% don’t know). Just 26% believe in evolution. One in five believe that interracial marriage should be a crime, with just 67% supporting its legality. It’s little wonder that these two states generally show up at the bottom of nearly any state index of success or well-being. 

Links for October 5th

  • Chattanooga Times-Free Press: 96-year-old Chattanooga resident denied voting ID
    Dorothy Cooper even managed to vote under Jim Crow, but the Tennessee Republican Party has proved to be one obstacle she can't overcome. She's never driven, so she has no driver's license. She tried to get a photo ID, but she has to present her marriage certificate, and she got married a long, long time ago, and doesn't know where to find that. I guess the new photo ID laws are working just as intended.
  • Flickr: Fed Up with Lunch
    A Flickr stream of nothing but photos of what passes for school lunch in the Chicago Public Schools. Parents never see what the kids get for lunch, but this teacher did. I'd love to see somebody do this in area schools. Heck, the schools should be willing to do it themselves.
  • New York Times: After Ruling, Hispanics Flee an Alabama Town
    Alabama's new immigration law has left crops rotting in their fields, farmers unable to find workers. Business at grocery stores and restaurants has evaporated. Hundreds (thousands?) of people working perfectly legal have gotten the message loud and clear: Latinos are not welcome in Alabama. So they're packing up and moving.

Links for May 6th

  • New York Times: Tornado Leaves Couple With Nothing, but Not for Long
    This is a simple, sweet story about a poor couple from rural Alabama who lost the little that they owned in last week's tornadoes. Their (rented) mobile home was destroyed. In the week since, though, people keep showing up and helping in ways large and small. They surely haven't been made whole, but I speculate they might feel more cared for than they have in a bit.
  • New York Times: Data Show Bin Laden Plots – C.I.A. Hid Near Raided House
    The CIA rented a house a few doors down from Bin Laden's house, and used infrared cameras to watch inside the house, microwave eavesdropping equipment to listen, and radar to look for underground tunnels. Bravo.
  • Phil Gyford: Two billion viewers
    Did two billion people actually watch the royal wedding, as was reported nearly universally? Nearly a third of the planet's inhabitants? Of course not.