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Links for December 25th

  • New York Times: Climate Scientists Hampered in Study of 2011 Extremes
    “'I’ve been a meteorologist 30 years and never seen a year that comes close to matching 2011 for the number of astounding, extreme weather events,' Jeffrey Masters, a co-founder of the popular Web site Weather Underground, said last month. 'Looking back in the historical record, which goes back to the late 1800s, I can’t find anything that compares, either.'”
  • Brent Simmons: ‘Gamification’ sucks
    Yes, yes it does.
  • Wikipedia: J. W. Westcott II
    This little boat, sailing out of Detroit, is the world's only post office boat that delivers mail to other ships under sail. It's got its own ZIP code: 48222. There can't be very many post offices that actually come to you.

Links for June 16th

  • InterAction Magazine
    Ken and Roberta Williams provide PDFs of every issue of Sierra Newsletter / Sierra Magazine / InterAction, from June 1981–Spring 1999. Not that anybody much cares about them past 1992-ish.
  • Wikipedia: Hundred twenty-eighth note
    Turns out they're a thing. Beethoven used them, as did Mozart. Much like the entire skill of drumming, I imagine that I lack the ability to play these.
  • Wall Street Journal: Stray Cat Strut—Woman Beats IRS
    Good news for dedicated animal fosterers: the IRS is allowing charitable deductions for expenses related to caring for critters for non-profit agencies.

Links for March 14th

  • CBS News: Michigan bill would impose "financial martial law"
    Republican Gov. Rick Snyder hates big government…unless *he's* in charge of said big government. What card-carrying conservative would ever give a governor the unchecked power to wipe a city off the map?
  • Katamari Hack
    Turn any webpage into Katamari Damacy. Either you think this is brilliant or you have no idea of what I'm talking about. There's probably no in-between.
  • Pasture FAQ
    A really great, detailed guide to pasture-raising livestock that answers all of the questions you're likely to have. Assuming, of course, you're looking to pasture livestock.

Links for February 22nd