Links for November 30th

Christian Science Monitor: Way cleared for horse slaughter to resume in US after 5-year banCongress has passed a bill, and the president has signed it into law, that re-legalizes the slaughter of horses for human consumption. Banning that practice was a huge mistake, for reasons that were obvious at the time, but it took a […]

Links for September 29th

Boston Globe: Worcester woman’s two-faced cats makes the record booksTwo-faced and two-headed cats generally live for days or weeks at the most. "Frank and Louie"—one cat, two faces—is twelve years old now, and is doing just fine. (Other than being not entirely pleasant to look at.) Twan van Laarhoven: Finding rectanglesSolving problems like this is […]

Adorable puppy available for adoption.

This is Copper, a little boxer mutt who was recently brought into the Charlottesville Albemarle SPCA along with his five siblings. He started on leash training today, he’s getting socialized with our two dogs, and he’ll be drilled on some basic manners over the next few days. We’re fostering him through Sunday, and he’s available […]

Links for June 16th

InterAction MagazineKen and Roberta Williams provide PDFs of every issue of Sierra Newsletter / Sierra Magazine / InterAction, from June 1981–Spring 1999. Not that anybody much cares about them past 1992-ish. Wikipedia: Hundred twenty-eighth noteTurns out they're a thing. Beethoven used them, as did Mozart. Much like the entire skill of drumming, I imagine that […]

Links for May 18th

New York Times: At Preakness, Not Everybody’s Idea of FunIt sounds like the Preakness has gone to shit. Their new mascot is "Kegasus," half horse, half beer-bellied man. His slogan is "a ten-hour party to celebrate a two-minute race." That's an event you won't be catching me at. Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel: Walker seeks to stop […]

Links for March 16th

Discover: Sex, Ys, and PlatypusesInstead of the XY/XX chromosomes that most mammals have, the platypus has a much more complicated sex chromosomes: five pairs instead of one. The male platypus is XYXYXYXYXY. That's the biggest number of sex chromosomes of any vertebrate. Man, platypus is weird. And so are the others. Christian Science Monitor: Pepsi […]

Links for March 3rd

Science Daily: Eastern cougar is extinct, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service concludesWell, that sucks. They figure it's been extinct since the 1930s. This isn't to say that cougars don't still exist in the eastern U.S., just that the rare specimens are not, in fact, of the eastern cougar species. Data Center Knowledge: Congressman Defeats IBM’s […]