Links for June 16th

  • InterAction Magazine
    Ken and Roberta Williams provide PDFs of every issue of Sierra Newsletter / Sierra Magazine / InterAction, from June 1981–Spring 1999. Not that anybody much cares about them past 1992-ish.
  • Wikipedia: Hundred twenty-eighth note
    Turns out they're a thing. Beethoven used them, as did Mozart. Much like the entire skill of drumming, I imagine that I lack the ability to play these.
  • Wall Street Journal: Stray Cat Strut—Woman Beats IRS
    Good news for dedicated animal fosterers: the IRS is allowing charitable deductions for expenses related to caring for critters for non-profit agencies.

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4 replies on “Links for June 16th”

  1. I actually learned Sonata Patethique in high school. Well, at least the first two movements. It’s been a very long while, but I still remember how impossible that run was (it’s the image in the Wikipedia entry).

  2. Just had huge nostalgiagasm with that Sierra link. Time to go to the attic and dig out some floppies!

  3. Past 1992 Sierra was still making the Quest for Glory games, and I happen to think that the 4th one in 1994 was the best. The Gabriel Knight games were also really good and those were post-92 as I recall. I’d agree that the overall creative quality of their output started dropping within a few years of 92. ‘Rasier’ in QFG2 is actually an anagram of ‘Sierra’, which was Lori Ann Cole’s passive-aggressive commentary on what it was like to work at Sierra by 1992.

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