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Links for November 11th

  • Double-Tongued Dictionary: hoghouse
    "Connotating legislation that has been stripped of its original provisions and amended to accomplish a different purpose." This is a useful word.
  • Office of Government Ethics: Executive Agency Ethics Pledge Waivers
    These are the presidential appointees who were given waivers to exempt them from one or more ethics regulations, along with copies of the relevant documents that explain the circumstances warranting their exemption from ethics standards.
  • Bulk Homeopathy
    Save money by buying in bulk. They ought to dehydrate it, to save on shipping. Just add water!

Links for August 6th

  • The Washington Post: Fewer dinners mean meaner politics
    Since Gingrich's cohort of Republicans came into office in 1994, there has been a steady decline in bipartisan socialization and, indeed, socialization at all. He exhorted freshmen to return to their districts whenever possible, to be in D.C. only when absolutely necessary. The result is a dangerous loss in bipartisanship. It's easy to see opposing opinions as evil if you don't actually know anybody who holds those opinions.
  • AP: Surry County to Open Poll for One Voter
    There's just one guy in the 3rd Senate district in Surry County. State law requires that a polling place be open all day, staffed by three people. It'll cost $2,000. Bang-up job on redistricting, legislature. It's these little things that really show the attention to detail.
  • New York Times: Public Views Congress as Top Culprit in Debt Debate, Poll Finds
    Congress is at its highest-ever disapproval rating. If you were one of the people insisting last year that the majority had lost the right to lead Congress because of their low approval ratings, this might be an occasion for a little hypocrisy gut check.

Links for March 25th

  • The Washington Post: Shining some sunlight on $200 million in Virginia tax breaks
    Delegates David Toscano and Lee Ware propose some more stringent criteria for providing new tax credits. The annual tax credits that Virginia provides to the coal industry alone come to $100M/year, or $15/year/citizen.
  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: So, How Do We Put Elizabeth Warren’s Calendar Online?
    I like this description of the work that goes into putting Elizabeth Warren's personal calendar online. Warren is Assistant to the President and Special Advisor to the Secretary of the Treasury on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and an all-around bad ass, as far as I'm concerned.
  • New York Times: G.E.’s Strategies Let It Avoid Taxes Altogether
    General Electric is the largest company in the United States. It paid $0 in taxes last year. How? By hiding its money in offshore banks and getting Congress to give them special, enormous tax breaks. They have the right to do that, and Congress has the right to strip them of their federal contracts. But they won't, because they don't have the balls. The only person to do anything about this was Ronald Reagan, who overhauled the tax system after he learned about G.E.'s behavior. By the late nineties, G.E. got their loopholes back. This is straight-up corporate welfare, and it's costing all of us billions of dollars.

Links for February 22nd