Links for February 22nd

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  1. That game, ‘SPENT’ is rigged and fake. I clicked on the thing to apply to be a temp and I took the typing test. My typing was very fast and was absolutely perfect. I even did a quick ‘control-C’ so I could check my spelling afterward. I had indeed typed the sample text perfectly but it said that I failed the test anyway. This whole thing was a good idea but has zero credibility in practice.

  2. Also, regarding SPENT, there just aren’t enough options. Take the “kid broke your window” incident. You get the options of Pay $100 to fix the window or Pay $75 taking your landlord to court. Also, it said I backed into a car. That just wouldn’t happen. And there is some kind of payment due everyday, when in my real life I often have quite a few days where there are no negative entries in my checkbook. Oh well, still pretty fun.

    Although I’m upset that my kid only has $15 in his piggybank, AND I didn’t even get to break it. :-)

  3. Soon he will be known as “Toll Road” Bob. There is so much fuzzy math in the Governors “transportation funding plan” I don’t know where to start. Yes I do: The Governor promised that he a “plan to pay for transportation”, well, borrowing isn’t the same as paying for.

  4. David McCormick is one of the nicest attorneys I’ve ever met, and he’s highly competent at what he does. He serves his clients well, and is a credit to the state bar. I also think he’d be a fine senator.

    That said, he’s going to finish distant, distant last in any primary or convention.

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