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Adorable puppy available for adoption.


This is Copper, a little boxer mutt who was recently brought into the Charlottesville Albemarle SPCA along with his five siblings. He started on leash training today, he’s getting socialized with our two dogs, and he’ll be drilled on some basic manners over the next few days. We’re fostering him through Sunday, and he’s available for adoption on Monday. Interested? Let me know.

10/06 Update: He’s been adopted!

The year’s first corn.

Our First Corn Cob

This is the first corncob of our first year’s corn crop, picked this afternoon. We only planted a dozen or so stalks, just to see how it’d turn out. The cobs are a bit on the small side, but assuming that it proves to be tasty, I suspect we’ll be doing this again next year.

The house is nearly complete.

House and Sky

We’re this close to finishing building our house. It’s occupied an enormous amount of time for years now (for example, I spent six hours milling lumber from felled trees today), and while I know we’ll have a lot of work even once we move in a couple-few weeks from now, I’m looking forward to getting a big chunk of each day back. Building the house has been interesting, educational, and often fun, but I’m ready to be done.

The status of our house.

As of Today

For all the complaining I do about how building a house keeps me too busy to do all of the other stuff I used to have time for (and I’m not even swinging a hammer!), here’s a photo of where it’s at. The roof is on, the (unpainted) siding is on, all of the windows and doors are in, the porch is on, the plumbing and wiring is in, and the insulation is in. This week, drywall. Then we need Dominion to run power to the house (we’ve been waiting for months), the wood floors installed, a septic system, and fixtures, and we’ve basically got us a house. Move-in is in two months.



I’ve had considerably less time to write in the past couple of months, because we’ve finally started building our house. At right is a photo of the groundbreaking, yesterday morning. Leading up to that, though, was months of design work, driveway construction, loan negotiation, builder selection, arduous planning, etc. We finally signed the contract about six weeks ago, closed on the loan a few weeks back, and got our construction permit yesterday morning, starting straightaway. The whole process, stretching back over two years, has been stunningly time-consuming and expensive, and that’s before we’ve spent a penny on the construction loan or so much as nailed two pieces of wood together. But we’re building our retirement home, so it’s important that we do it right.

The timing isn’t great, because there’s so much to be written about the election right now. But there will be many elections in the years ahead, but only the one house.

Giant puffball mushrooms.

We’ve got some giant puffball mushrooms growing here.

Annie Encounters a Puffball

Here’s a photo of a cluster of them with a penny set on top for scale.

Giant Puffball Mushrooms

When I saw them, I wondered why there were a bunch of volleyballs scattered around. Calvatia gigantea turns out to be relatively common and, according to several sources, edible and tasty. Once you’ve verified that the interior is firm and white, it can be battered and pan fried, or used like tofu. It smells strongly like your standard grocery store issue mushrooms. Which, unfortunately, I detest, so no giant puffball will be appearing on the household menu anytime soon.