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A strikingly effective way to ensure the success of disadvantaged students in college.

The Posse Foundation is premised on the notion that if dropout-prone high school students can enroll in college with a posse—a peer group they bring with them that all support one another—that they’re more likely to succeed. It’s been running for twenty years now, grouping 600 students into groups of 10 students, and enrolling them in 40 participating colleges (including Bryn Mawr, Middlebury, DePauw, Brandeis). Their average SAT scores are markedly below the average in the colleges that admit them, but by any measure, these students are among the most successful in their college classes. This doesn’t just highlight the weakness of SAT scores as an indicator of academic success, but it also highlights how easily the achievement gap can be erased, at least for the right kids. 

Pew quantifies the rise of interracial marriage.

15% of U.S. marriages in 2010 were between people of different races or ethnicities, according to a new study by the Pew Research Center. 43% of Americans think that the rise of interracial marriage is a societal good, and only 11% think it’s bad. Over a third of Americans have a close relative who is married to somebody of a different race. The internals of how people of different races pair up are really fascinating, and well worth reading. I view this as a happy step towards the functional elimination of race. Within a few generations, I hope that most Americans will be somewhere on a racial spectrum, rather than seen as simply “white,” “black,” “latino,” etc. 

Links for September 27th

  • Mediaite: AP Reporter Responds To Chris Hayes Panel Debate On Racism Of Droppin’ G’s From Obama Speech
    There's some fussing about how an AP reporter transcribed a quote from President Obama. In a recent speech, the president said: "Shake it off. Stop complainin’. Stop grumblin’. Stop cryin’." On one of those sunday morning shouting shows, the reporter was declared to be racist for doing so. Ridiculous. Anybody who saw or heard the president's remarks knows full well that this was a deliberately affected speaking style. To transcribe his remarks with the "g" would have whitewashed his speech while altering his remarks. This is not a matter of transcribing a dialect paternally, but instead attempting to convey his remarks accurately.
  • National Arbitration Forum: Ms. Stefani Germanotta v. oranges arecool XD
    This is a really interesting decision that resulted from an ICANN complaint that Germanotta filed against a Lady Gaga fan site, ladygaga.org, demanding that the fan turn over the domain name. Though there are a lot of facts that led to their conclusion, the mediators found in favor of the fan, finding that the site was run in good faith, there was no substantial likelihood of confusion with the official site, and that Germanotta doesn't appear to be having any trouble promoting herself.
  • Sunlight Labs: House Revamps Floor Feed
    The U.S. House has made some great changes to their legislative data service. The U.S. Senate remains in the stone age.

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