Blogging very wirelessly.

I was excited a couple of months ago when I got wireless set up in my apartment, but I’ve discovered something just about as cool: connecting over my cell phone. I have a Motorola v60i, a pretty basic CDMA/AMPS PCS, and I recently got a cable that allows me to connect it to my computers. […]

Free rider.

One of my neighbors in my building set up a wireless base station last week. They have an Adelphia cable modem that is obscenely fast — I’m accustomed to 38kbps downloads, and this connection is closer to 380kbps. The signal is excellent, so they’re plainly within an apartment or two of me. I’m torn — […]

Destroy Hatch

Sen. Orrin Hatch proposed yesterday that anybody suspected of copyright infringement should have their computer automatically destroyed. This is insane for all of the obvious reasons. This because Hatch is a loon. This afternoon, blogger Lawrence Simon discovered that Hatch is guilty of this exact crime, having stolen the JavaScript that runs his site‘s menus […]

RSS on

I now have a full RSS feed running on I did just have the headlines and the dates on the stories, but it’s just so bloody useful to be able to syndicate the bodies for news readers and the like. Plus, The Hook really wanted (like, a year ago) to be able to have […]

iSync Motorola.

The new version of Apple’s iSync was just released, and it includes sync support for a whole bunch of new phones, including my phone, the popular Motorola v60i. The problem is that, because this phone doesn’t support Bluetooth, it requires this proprietary USB cable that costs, like, $60. However, on-line electronics store has it […]

New look.

I took my site from its old-school look-ma-no-CSS look to one of the standard Movable Type templates. This template allows things like a calendar, archive links, a blogroll, etc. I’ll eventually make something that’s mine, but the old thing had to go, and I don’t have time right now to put into place the design […]


LazyWeb request: WeatherBlogging. There are lots of weather stations that record temperature, wind speed/direction, humidity, barometric pressure, etc., that output raw data that’s easily captured via a USB or serial port. I’d like to see bloggers list their latitude and longitude in their blog’s metadata (as some already do), and provide an RSS feed of […]

Wireless Blogger

Woo hoo — I’m blogging wirelessly! This week, I got an 802.11g card (“AirPort Extreme”) for my PowerMac, and an 802.11b card for my iBook. I plugged the cards into each system, turned on “Internet Connnection sharing” on my PowerMac, and it worked automagically. I was going to get some work done this evening, but […]

CNN’s Preemptive Obituaries

You’ve got it to CNN — they really know how to plan ahead. If Cheney, the Pope, Bob Hope (is he still alive?) or Nelson Mandela drop dead, they’ve got those obituaries ready to go. How efficient! (Link courtesy Justin Hankins.)