OSS Wins

The success of open source software seems obvious to me — I started writing open source almost a decade ago now, and it couldn’t be clearer that the use of it creates an extremely healthy software and intellectual ecosystem. Despite this, I’m periodically shocked at how successful that it’s been. Years before we had the […]

Apple Meets the Little Guy

It has long been rumored that Apple is working on an Internet-based music-purchasing service. Many companies have tried this, and all have failed. The problem is usually a combination of anemic offerings, bad pricing, and harsh reproduction restrictions, with a lack of cooperation from the entertainment industry as the overall limitation. Apple seems to think […]

In Wired.

Wow, it looks like I haven’t touched my site for a while, based on the dates on here. But, in reality, I’ve just been updating my cphack page. Anyhow, I’ve got a mention and a little quote in Wired. It’s in Elisa Batista’s 2nd-ever article for Wired, "Vendors Overwhelmed by ‘Love’." (Top of the 2nd […]

New Waldo.Net.

Wow, a new Waldo.Net! The old design was put up in January of 1998, 19 months ago, and it looked it. Rather than continue upkeep, I let it go to pot for a bit. Now it looks better than ever, IMHO. This is a preliminary version, run on a WinNT server. (Blech.) Soon, it’ll all […]