Apple Meets the Little Guy

It has long been rumored that Apple is working on an Internet-based music-purchasing service. Many companies have tried this, and all have failed. The problem is usually a combination of anemic offerings, bad pricing, and harsh reproduction restrictions, with a lack of cooperation from the entertainment industry as the overall limitation. Apple seems to think […]

In Wired.

Wow, it looks like I haven’t touched my site for a while, based on the dates on here. But, in reality, I’ve just been updating my cphack page. Anyhow, I’ve got a mention and a little quote in Wired. It’s in Elisa Batista’s 2nd-ever article for Wired, "Vendors Overwhelmed by ‘Love’." (Top of the 2nd […]

New Waldo.Net.

Wow, a new Waldo.Net! The old design was put up in January of 1998, 19 months ago, and it looked it. Rather than continue upkeep, I let it go to pot for a bit. Now it looks better than ever, IMHO. This is a preliminary version, run on a WinNT server. (Blech.) Soon, it’ll all […]