Think different.

Windows laptops look ridiculous. People use them in some of my classes, perched on the edge of their seat, a behemoth HP or Compaq straddling their thighs. The back of the computer is festooned with huge, useless parts, including 3″ wide parallel ports, a pair of 4″ square fans, and two different types of PS/2 plugs to attach a keyboard or a mouse. Sometimes the fans will kick in during a lecture, leaving the embarrassed owner with a lapful of overpriced blowdryer. At the end of class, they have to cram these oversized beasts into their overextended backpacks, corners protruding and their backpack sagging from the weight. My iBook weighs 4 pounds. It has the same footprint as a sheet of paper. It has USB ports for all of my port needs, no hardware that was present on the IBM XT. There are no ports on the back.

Why don’t these peole just use a Mac?

Published by Waldo Jaquith

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