Full circle.

Nineteen months ago, Amber and I packed up a moving van and moved me from Charlottesville to Blacksburg, to start school at Virginia Tech. That afternoon, when we arrived in Blacksburg, the sun emerged from behind the clouds and revealed a rare, beautiful double rainbow. Today, driving back from the graduation ceremonies at Virginia Tech, …

Moving complete.

It’s shortly after midnight on Sunday. We spent today (Saturday, yesterday, whatever) moving, of course. Everything went just as we’d planned. It was a group effort, of course, but it came off just fine. The U-Haul is filled, the house is packed with Amber’s and my combined possessions, and the move of the servers from …

Server down.

My servers are going to be down on Saturday, since I’ll be moving. If everything goes perfectly, everything will work again on Saturday night. It won’t, though, so downtime may last a few days. This doesn’t include cvillenews.com, but it does include lists.waldo.net, Curfew.Org, radioessays.com, and this site, among other lesser-trafficked websites.


It’s so freaking Christmasy out that I can hardly stand it. It’s 21°, the snow has been falling for three days, downtown Blacksburg (outside my window) is decked out in Christmas lights, and Dan the Automator’s remix of Dean Martin’s “Jingle Bells” is in heavy rotation on iTunes.