Gone digital.

At long last, I’ve MP3d all of my CDs here in Blacksburg. At least, all of the tracks on each of my CDs to which I listen. For a long time, I’ve had perhaps a quarter of my listening library MP3d, and I consequently failed to listen to a large portion of my music collection. […]

VT’s G5 cluster.

Virginia Tech is doing something very cool. They’ve bought 1,100 Apple G5s, which they’re going to group together to create one of the fastest supercomputers in the world. They intend to take delivery of the systems this coming week. There’s an information session being held about in this Thursday morning, which I’ll certainly attend.

PayPal changed their query format.

Without telling anybody — at least, without telling me — PayPal changed their format for URLs that permit people to send money. Nobody had booked ads on nancies.org for a couple of days, which I thought was weird. Turns out that the link that people click on to purchase a text ad led people to […]

Sterling Ball, unlikely Linux guru.

C|Net has an excellent interview with Ernie Ball’s CEO, Sterling Ball. Ernie Ball is known as the world’s leading manufacturer of guitar strings, but now they’re becoming known as prime examples of the tremendous benefits that a business can realize from moving from Microsoft Windows to Linux. Three years ago, the BSA raided Ernie Ball’s […]


Aaaahhhhhh….bandwidth. The friendly neighborhood Ntelos just set up my DSL. It is such a relief to be able to get connected from home. And now to Charlottesville, to pick up my servers.

Eye-bleeding speed.

I feel a little silly spending my afternoon sitting in this empty student lounge in Squires here at Virginia Tech, but I have got the bandwidth of the gods. DSL Reports‘ test indicates that I have 4Mbps download and 3Mbps upload. This is in no small part because the campus is devoid of students until […]

iBook fixed.

In Apple’s usual two-day turn-around, I got my iBook back today. The screen works perfectly. It’s so clean, in fact, that I think that they may have just replaced the whole LCD assembly. I’m definitely going to have to spring for AppleCare on this in a few months. Maybe somebody will get it for me […]

Website designer for hire.

Scott Herman needs a job. This man is a un-freaking-believably good website developer, notably in aspects of design and writing, although his code is pretty mean, too. It is a great disappointment to me that I’ve never been in a position to hire him. Though he’s in Charlottesville now, he’s happy to relocate. Hire him […]

Too much spam.

I get way too much spam — 90-100 on most days, plus another 60-70 to my business address. I’m a faithful user of SpamAssassin, with heavy scoring of blacklists and Bayesian filtering in Mail.app on top of that. Consequently, only 1-3 messages get to my inbox each day. Here’s a graph of the rise of […]