Interference robustness.

This afternoon, my 802.11g wireless connection went to hell. I was reduced to 10- to 15-second ping times. I’ve been too caught up in working on Al Weed’s site to take the time to debug it, but it got bad enough that I couldn’t work any more.

By way of background, I have an Apple Airport Extreme card in this G4 desktop and a DI-624 D-Link 802.11b/g base station. After just a minute or so of futzing around, I found that if I simply enabled “Use interference robustness” under the Airport menu, my ping times dropped to 1ms. I’m not even clear on what “interference robustness” is, but whatever it does, it does it quite well. So, a note to Googlers: sudden lousy wireless reception on a Mac may be easily fixable by a simple menu toggle.

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