9 replies on “Laurence Verga’s got junk.”

  1. I’m also intensely amused by his last name.

    For those who don’t habla español, it’s my understanding that “Verga” is Mexican slang for “dick.” As in “de la Verga,” which translates to “of the Dick,” which I’m told can be used to refer either to something bad, or also to something very good (much like we might say “that’s the shit” in English.

    I find it even more amusing that there’s a good chance Verga has no idea that this is the case.

  2. Did you get the same photo, Dan? That would be a great coincidence. :) Looking at the Flickr data, I can see that I took this picture back on May 16, about a month ago, but I was just holding onto it until Verga (inevitably) lost.

  3. Is that Got Junk franchise one of Verga’s businesses? If so he’s got a skewed idea of what bringing quality jobs to VA means. Those jobs start at 8 dollars an hour and only go as high as 12.

    Driving by it daily it always seemed to me as though it might be a dual function business/campaign HQ for Verga.

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