McDonnell faked the moon landing with Elvis.

A report from the Virginia Tea Party Convention today:

On the way inside, actually, I was handed a leaflet from the Virginia Taxpayers Association blasting McDonnell for “accepting Obama’s appointment to the unlawful, unconstitutional Council of Governors” because “it ensures endorsement of him for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination by the ultra secret, ultra powerful international Bilderberg Group.”

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  1. “Over the course of the year,” writes Cuccinelli, “through grassroots activism, your work and the work of thousands of others has gone a long way to ensure that we pick up seats in this year’s mid-term elections, and has shaped the choice of our candidates as well.” The flier is “paid for and authorized by Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General.” He is up for re-election in 2013.

    A.K.A. the “Ken Cuccinelli for US Senate” committee.

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