Hurt is “on the same page” as the Tea Party.

Rep. Robert Hurt on the Tea Party:

We’re all on the same page. We’re singing off the same sheet of music.

Let’s just get that on the record.

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7 replies on “Hurt is “on the same page” as the Tea Party.”

  1. Some context would be helpful. He made the statement with regard to his vote on the budget bill. Any attempt to extend his statement beyond that subject would be dishonest.

    Not that I’m saying you were being dishonest. Just clarifying what you must have meant.

  2. I don’t know, I.Pub–shouldn’t we include this context as well?

    “Hurt said there has been some difference of opinion about tactics, but he and the tea party share the same goals. ‘We’re all on the same page,’ Hurt said. ‘We’re singing off the same sheet of music.'”

    I read “he and the tea party share the same goals” to be a more expansive statement than one limited to the specific issue of the vote on the budget bill.

  3. Yes, Claire, Hurt said they share the same goals… and they were talking about the budget bill. The “difference of opinion about tactics” clearly refers to Hurt voting for the temporary extensions, which the tea party harshly criticized. Then he tied it all together by saying that despite their differences [on this matter] they share the same goals, etc. etc.

    I fully understand the political tactics of saying that Hurt was aligning himself to the Tea Party on every subject in the universe, bar none. That would certainly be helpful to those who would like to see a Democrat win this seat in 2012. It doesn’t make the attempt any less silly (and borderline foolish), but I understand the tactic.

  4. I was under the impression that the tea party people didn’t much care for Hurt (other than that he wasn’t Perriello).

    Typical base-shoring operation on Hurt’s part?

  5. Hurt is another Teaparty sock puppet, irrelevant and distracted in the face of his Districts very real needs. He wanted to shut down the Federal Government last week, and voted no on the budget legislation. He continues to oppose financial regulation while simultaneously denying that the root cause of the Great Bush Depression was an unregulated, unaccountable financial system. This week he voted to end Medicare. Whomever he represents, it certainly is not the people who live in the 5th CD.

  6. It’s not at all clear to me what the scope of Hurt’s comments were. One of the reasons that I call attention to them here (in addition to, as I said, making a note of it for future reference) is so that more folks might be on the lookout for what else he has to say about the Tea Party. Lord knows they despised him this time last year.

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