McDonnell faked the moon landing with Elvis.

A report from the Virginia Tea Party Convention today: On the way inside, actually, I was handed a leaflet from the Virginia Taxpayers Association blasting McDonnell for “accepting Obama’s appointment to the unlawful, unconstitutional Council of Governors” because “it ensures endorsement of him for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination by the ultra secret, ultra powerful […]

The Waldo Jaquith approval committee unanimously endorses this blog entry.

Good news for the governor: “The Simplification and Operations Committee of the Commission on Government Reform and Restructuring today officially approved adoption of the governor’s ABC privatization plan.” I’m sure that getting his plan through the committee comes as a great relief to him. Wait, the what committee? Oh. The Commission will consist of up […]

McDonnell doubts global climate change exists at all.

Bob McDonnell just doesn’t think that people have anything to do with global climate change, and the AP’s Bob Lewis asked him some hard questions about it. Climate scientists are unanimous: the temperature is going up, and human are doing it. But McDonnell says he merely “thinks” that global climate change is real, but says […]

FactCheck weighs in against McDonnell. Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell’s new ad claims that Democrat Creigh Deeds’ policies would bring $7,800 in higher taxes over four years for Virginia households. The ad would be devastating, if it were true. Ouch. It’s all downhill from there.