JLARC: McDonnell’s ABC privatization proposal is full of holes.

JLARC has published the results of their audit of Gov. McDonnell’s ABC privatization proposal. It’s harsh. Really harsh. If this plan had any chance of being revived, it seems to me that this must have killed it. Their overall conclusion is that McDonnell vastly overstated the amount of money that his plan would generate, through […]

The Waldo Jaquith approval committee unanimously endorses this blog entry.

Good news for the governor: “The Simplification and Operations Committee of the Commission on Government Reform and Restructuring today officially approved adoption of the governor’s ABC privatization plan.” I’m sure that getting his plan through the committee comes as a great relief to him. Wait, the what committee? Oh. The Commission will consist of up […]

The Post has highlighted McDonnell’s fuzzy transportation math.

The Washington Post editorial board, having read Bob McDonnell’s transportation plan, doesn’t like what they see: Much of the plan relies on wildly optimistic assumptions, brazen exaggerations, gauzy projections and far-off scenarios: budget surpluses and revenue growth that may not materialize; interstate tolls that the federal government may not approve; royalties from offshore oil and […]