The first 2009 governor’s race poll.

Public Policy Polling (whoever they are) conducted a poll of Virginia voters about the presidential race this past weekend, and also asked respondents about next year’s governor’s race. The results put Bob McDonnell up 5-6% above either Sen. Creigh Deeds or Del. Brian Moran, which is within the 3.3% margin of error. Honestly, I’m awfully […]

McDonnell endorses a transportation tax hike.

Quite a narrative is emerging in attorney general Bob McDonnell’s handling of Gov. Kaine’s transportation plan. Kaine has proposed a tax increase to address the enormous, systemic transportation funding shortfalls. Republicans have proposed nothing. McDonnell, as the presumptive Republican nominee for governor next year, has taken the lead in proposing nothing. But check out how […]

Bob McDonnell’s statement on Kaine’s transportation plan, translated into plain English.

Virginia‚Äôs future prosperity depends upon the Commonwealth having a 21st Century transportation system. Growing up in Fairfax County, and later representing Virginia Beach in the House of Delegates, I have seen firsthand the transportation challenges that we face. I believe it is imperative we modernize and improve the transportation system in the Commonwealth, and I […]