Links for November 11th

Double-Tongued Dictionary: hoghouse"Connotating legislation that has been stripped of its original provisions and amended to accomplish a different purpose." This is a useful word. Office of Government Ethics: Executive Agency Ethics Pledge WaiversThese are the presidential appointees who were given waivers to exempt them from one or more ethics regulations, along with copies of the […]

Links for September 6th

ThinkProgress: The Conservative Recovery Teeters Into Recession17,000 new jobs were created by the private sector last month. 17,000 jobs were eliminated by the public sector last month. Bummed by last month's flatlining of job growth? Thank a congressman. New York Times: Rep. Shelley Berkley’s Cause Is Often Her Husband’s GainShe's a strong supporter of (admittedly […]

Gubernatorial candidates “working” for law firms.

I’ve been researching a blog entry for a few weeks, but I see that Anita Kumar went and did me one better, turning out an article on the topic in today’s Washington Post. What’s up with candidates for governor “working” for law firms? Both Bob McDonnell and Creigh Deeds work for law firms, although it’s […]