Links for November 11th

  • Double-Tongued Dictionary: hoghouse
    "Connotating legislation that has been stripped of its original provisions and amended to accomplish a different purpose." This is a useful word.
  • Office of Government Ethics: Executive Agency Ethics Pledge Waivers
    These are the presidential appointees who were given waivers to exempt them from one or more ethics regulations, along with copies of the relevant documents that explain the circumstances warranting their exemption from ethics standards.
  • Bulk Homeopathy
    Save money by buying in bulk. They ought to dehydrate it, to save on shipping. Just add water!

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2 replies on “Links for November 11th”

  1. Re: “just add water”. I’ve always thought wine concentrate would be a good moneymaker….oh no, Waldo’s probably gonna steal that idea just like he did my “we need all 5 boroughs” line. Just seems like wine concentrate would be nice for backpacking…nor that I ever touch the stuff.

  2. Re Ethics Agency. That’s probably the agency that Mr. Perry (with an “e”) couldn’t recall at the debate the other night.

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