Links for September 6th

  • ThinkProgress: The Conservative Recovery Teeters Into Recession
    17,000 new jobs were created by the private sector last month. 17,000 jobs were eliminated by the public sector last month. Bummed by last month's flatlining of job growth? Thank a congressman.
  • New York Times: Rep. Shelley Berkley’s Cause Is Often Her Husband’s Gain
    She's a strong supporter of (admittedly much-needed) better funding of kidney-care facilities. He's making a fortune on it as a nephrologist. If you ask her, it's just the darnedest coincidence. If you ask an ethicist, it's just plain wrong.
  • List of Virginia Caves
    The most extensive cave system in Virginia is Butler-Sinking Creek, in Bath County, at seventeen miles of total passages. The deepest is 786 feet—that's measured from the highest point to the lowest point—at Burns Cave, in Highland County. That's more than half again as deep as Virginia's tallest building is tall, the 38-story Westin Virginia Beach Town Center

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5 replies on “Links for September 6th”

  1. Interesting article on the Congresswoman from Nevada. I will say, ESRD is the only “disability” that will get you Medicare within 90 days. All other disability claims, once approved, take 2 years to get Medicare in place. ESRD is about the most treatable disability you could have and still be a functioning member of society. Its a terrible quality of life for some, but I have never understood why ESRD is treated differently. This article gives me a glimpse of why.

  2. That article on the Kidney Krusaders didn’t actually convince me that there’s anything ethically squishy about the scenario. Through her husband, she would have heard a lot of ESRD horror stories, which would certainly be enough to make her fight any reduction in funding for ESRD patients. It does sound like her health care efforts are a bit unbalanced even given that, though.

  3. Useful sidebar: When you get to travel through Russell County, you’ll go through Sun, VA. There is only one noteworthy thing in Sun, VA: A ginormous repository/dump of white refrigerators. I believe it’s where fridges go to die.

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