Links for June 15th

  • Wikipedia: “A” size illustration
    This is a simple chart demonstrating how “A” sizes of paper (e.g., an A1 sheet is similar in size to an 8.5"x11" sheet) are sized, from A0–A8. It's a golden spiral! I'm really impressed by the elegance of this.
  • USPS Postal Addressing Standards
    Ever wondered what the proper format is for an address on an envelope? It turns out that it’s very specific. Don’t put “Suite 100” on its own line—it goes on the same line as the street address; if offsetting it with a hash sign, leave a space after the #, as in “123 E. Main St # 100.” Don’t put a comma after the city name. Punctuation should be omitted (“St”, not “St.”). It goes on.
  • Save The Words
    From the Oxford University Press comes this website that promotes words in danger of dying out unless people start using them again. "Sputcheon," "tortiloquy," "exlineal," and "jecorory" are just a few of hundreds that make the list

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  1. Another interesting fact about A-sized paper is that as you cut them in half and they get progressively smaller they maintain their aspect ratio of 1:square root of two.

    Paper sizes here in the US alternate roughly 2:3 and 3:4 as you go up or down in sizes.

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