Links for February 24th

  • MySQLTuner
    This is a clever little program that examines your MySQL databases and makes recommendations about how to improve your database's performance in light of the reality of your data. I'll be spending some quality time with this on a few of my websites.
  • Wikipedia: Enclaved countries
    There are only three countries that are completely surrounded by another country: San Marino, Vatican City, and Lesotho.
  • New York Times: Ken Cuccinelli v. Climate Skeptics
    Even ardent climate change skeptics—people who despise Michael Mann—are increasingly convinced that Cuccinelli's "investigation" is totally inappropriate and without credibility.

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6 replies on “Links for February 24th”

  1. I have a pair of Levis jeans with a “Made in Lesotho” tag. I remember wondering two things when I first noticed that: where is Lesotho, and, is it good or bad economic politics that Levis are made there? So now I know where Lesotho is, but, is the presence of Levis as an employer a net good, or, a net bad, for the people?

  2. I could understand why Levi’s being made in Lesotho might be bad for Americans, but how could it *possibly* be anything but good for the people of Lesotho?

  3. Yes, on the one hand, any job is better than no job, and any income is better than no income. Even so, it is *possible* that some corporations function as abusive employers. Levis and other companies are not moving their manufacturing operations to impoverished nations with few or no workplace regulations for altruistic, humanitarian reasons. They are doing so for the economic, profit incentive. So I am still wondering, what is the NET result for the people in those countries, good or bad.

  4. Put “Triangle shirtwaist factory fire” in the google and hit go. You’ll gain a new understanding of what “trapped in a low wage job” can mean.

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