Far-far-far right-winger running against Del. Vanderhye.

The awesomely, hilariously far-right serial loser Barbara Comstock intends to run against Del. Margie Vanderhye up in Fairfax, Zachary Roth writes for TPM Muckraker. Comstock’s a one-woman worst-hits list of the Republican Party in the past decade. She made it her mission to take out Hillary Clinton in the form of Whitewater. She was the head of the RNC’s opposition research in the 2000 election. She was a close associate of Monica Goodling. She ran the DOJ’s useless public affairs division under Bush. She worked for Tom Delay, defending him from ethics charges. She ran Scooter Libby’s defense fund. She was Rep. Jerry Lewis’ legal defense press flack. Comstock like the anti-Midas—everything she touches turns to shit. Is upstate so far gone that this woman is the best that Republicans can come up with?

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4 replies on “Far-far-far right-winger running against Del. Vanderhye.”

  1. The biggest irony here is the Republicans just won that district yesterday in the Fairfax County Special Election. With a real candidate, they could have contested it hard. Instead, they are nominating this psychopath?

  2. I think it would be more accurate to describe her as an vicious right-wing hack than far-far-far right. I’m not aware of any information about her actual political views, and the evidence of her career seems to indicate that her position is “Republicans can do no wrong/destroy the Democrats” rather than any wing of politics. Just to be clear on our terms. :-)

    I suspect that the RPV’s strategy in Fairfax this year is to try not to lose any more seats, and for any of the Democratic ones, they’re happy to have candidates who can run on out-of-state money.

  3. I think it is a scream that the Republicans are planing to nominate Scooter Libby’s flack in the only House district where the CIA is a MAJOR voting block. I wonder if poor Comstock will make it into double digits.

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