McDonnell resigns, effective Feb. 20th.

Attorney General Bob McDonnell just wrapped up a press conference in which he announced that he’s resigning to run for governor full-time. His campaign manager described it as “the most difficult decision Bob has ever had to make,” but that strikes me as enormously unlikely. McDonnell is the fourth consecutive Republican AG in Virginia to step down to run for governor. For comparison, Jerry Kilgore stepped down on February 1, 2005.

Here’s a bad sign for the coming race: He couldn’t get through his announcement without using the word “Democrat” as a pejorative.

The GA will appoint a replacement; McDonnell is asking that Bill Mims, his chief deputy, finish out his term.

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9 replies on “McDonnell resigns, effective Feb. 20th.”

  1. Given that Mims was a State Senator before he became Chief Deputy, I would think the GA will give him the grene light.

    p.s. Waldo, it still crushes me to see you don’t read my blog ;-(

  2. What the heck are you talking about Waldo? You need to listen to that again and tell me what bothers you. I don’t hear what you are talking about at all. He talks about working with democratics twice. Compare with most of the democrats running he is clearly less partisan.

    Are you just making this up?

  3. “Historically, Democrat and Republican attorneys general”—at the 0:57 mark. The phrase is “Democratic attorneys general,” not “Democrat attorneys general.” The latter is as factually and grammatically incorrect as “Republic attorneys general.” He’s either deliberately being rude to Democrats or he’s ignorantly parroting Republians without understanding that he’s being rude. The kindest assumption is the former, I suspect.

  4. I think you being a wee bit sensitive to what was a sensible and decent announcement.It doesn’t display a shred of mean spiritness nor portend a brutal race.

  5. C’mon, Perlogik. You know this kind of thing really bothers the hard-core Democratics. You can keep pushing the point, but it’s unrealist to think you’ll achieve anything more than a Pyrrh victory.

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