Grisham running for…nothing.

Quoth John Grisham:

I wouldn’t take a seat in the US Senate if it was given to me and guaranteed for 20 years with no opposition… Look, I’ve got the easiest life in the world. I don’t want to go to Washington and sit through subcommittee hearings on Medicare. How much fun is that? No.

That would seem to settle that perennial rumor. One that I’ve been guilty of starting a couple of times.

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2 replies on “Grisham running for…nothing.”

  1. This sounds like the sort of gripping introduction Mr. Grisham is known for, the uncontextualized allusion to a clever narrative, a tale of scholarly intrigue and the coming-of-age of a successful attorney and writer turned politician by crazy unusual happenstance. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you first paragraph of “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington but Immediately Thinks of More Productive Things He Could Do with his Time.”

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