Seriously. Adopt the kitten.

Again, I offer these cute kitten photos. I offer them up as evidence of this little girl’s extreme cuteness. You’ll note that they are blurry. That is because, when released from the confines of the cage in which she lived in the backroom of our house for the past two days, she is so full of energy that she is unable to stop moving for more than a fraction of a second.

Kitten Photo

Kitten Photo

Kitten Photo

It is plain to me that you cannot live one more day, perhaps even one more hour, without adopting this poor, orphaned kitten that we found in a ditch. This is a wise instinct. Once, a few years ago, Amber and I took care of a kitten. It died the next day. See what happens when we take care of kittens?

Last year, we took on a pair of kittens (don’t miss the high-larious picture of Wendy getting a bath). We gave them away. Why? Because we don’t want a cat. We’re not going to have this one either. I’m serious. Don’t mess with me on this.

In summary, we have an eight-week old kitten. She is cute. You should own her. You need only ask and she will be yours. If you do not adopt her, we will take her to the SPCA, where they will likely kill her. And that will weigh very heavily on your soul. Perhaps eternally.

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3 replies on “Seriously. Adopt the kitten.”

  1. Hmmm… is that a caveman I hear talking? C’mon, you know you want to keep her. Witness your need to take countless photos of her, just like any proud daddy. Besides, you haven’t lived until you have been adopted by a kitty. :-)

  2. Damnit. If i had my own place I would totally drive down to C-ville and have a new friend.

    You evil, cat-killing democratic beacon of light.

    KITTY! (sorry, gotta throw a pixar reference in there)

  3. if this one is allergy free and is quiet, i will drive down to c-ville and take her myself. i am not supposed to have cats at my apartment… she matches my haircolor now… so if i change again… i will have to dye the kitten’s hair too.
    hmmm… could it be my new best friend?

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