Found: One Kitten.

Amber and I found a kitten in a ditch while driving north of Charlottesville this evening, on Polo Grounds Road. It’s little, orange, and mewly. We pulled over as soon as we saw her, and she dashed under the car, climbing up and into the shocks. After prying her out, we shopped her around to the closest houses, but nobody claimed him. (Though some hearts melted, which was promising, but ultimately fruitless.)

Kitten Photo

Kitten Photo

Amber just gave her a bath. She was really filthy. Covered in fleas, ears full of mites. Her pads are scratched and raw, and she’s got some cuts on her back legs. Amber gave her a plate of food, and she gulped it down fast. This little girl has obviously been living on the lam for a while.

Anybody want a kitten? Will trade for dryer. I’d hate to have to take her to the SPCA, but we just can’t take care of a cat, particularly what with the two dogs.

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9 replies on “Found: One Kitten.”

  1. Aw, she is adorable! It sounds to me like she has chosen you as her new humans. Cats and dogs can get along – she would probably grow up thinking she was a dog too! :-)

  2. She is a cute cat. Good luck in finding her a new home. We just adopted a stray cat up here in Ohio too. Our neighbor got two dogs and just threw the cat out.

  3. Yep. She chose you! I just got
    “adopted” by a manx mix DSH Female
    youngster in Dec. And I already
    have 2 and said NOOOO Wayy. Guess
    what? I still have her… LOL.
    And senior kitties ain’t none
    too pleased, but they are dealing
    with it…

  4. Yep, looks like she picked you as her home. My wife and I have three cats in a average size apartment in Blacksburg. In October there was a stray kitten no one seemed to want with matted hair, etc. We decided to take her in and try to find a home for her. Well, she found a home all right…with us, despite our protestations. So, now we have 4 cats. Enjoy her, she looks like a real sweetheart and orange females are somewhat more rare than males!

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