Kitten care.

Amber is taking care of a pair of kittens until they can survive on their own, one 5 weeks old and one 7 weeks old. I helped out this weekend. We fed them a mixture of prescription cat food and milk mix a few times a day with a 10ml syringe, cleaned out their infected eyes, pulled the fleas out of their tangled coats, and gave each of them a bath in the sink. They’re both doing a lot better now than they were just a few days ago. The oldest one, Emma, has even started to play a little. The younger one, Wendy, is still having a hard time seeing, but she’s still managed to take up some light romping about, which is good to see. We tried this with a two-day-old kitten a couple of years ago, but the little guy didn’t make it; this time it’ll be just fine. I took a bunch of pictures of the girls, and here’s my favorite.


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