Links for April 7th

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  1. Was Glenn Beck’s show #1 in his time slot? Because I heard someone say that unless his show wasn’t #1 in his time slot, there was no way Fox would drop him (something about it being lefty wishful thinking to think otherwise). I’m puzzled, because I found information that suggests that as recently as April 1st, Beck’s show DID beat all the competition in the same time slot as him. And yet they dropped him nonetheless.

  2. Ratings are not the issue here; his show lost well more than 300 advertisers in the last 6 months or so. Mostly from a concerted campaign by a few people to shame companies into looking what they were advertising on.

    He should have been dropped, as his show was borderline racist and reported items that were totally false. He is looney tunes.

  3. The advertisers he lost aren’t actually the issue, either, as the advertising firms could always try to find someone else to buy those spots. The simple fact is that regardless of how you rank against other shows in your time slot or what the content of your show is — if you lose 1/3rd of your audience, you’re always done. Always. Doesn’t matter if you’re Glenn Beck or Oprah Winfrey. Since the value for each 30 second ad spot is determined by the number of eyeballs likely to watch it, the network running your program can’t make enough off the ad revenues to cover the contractual production expenses for each show when you lose that many viewers; consequently and regardless of any other factor, the only decision left to the network is to cancel you and fill your time slot with a cheaper program which might have a shot at turning a profit.

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