Links for April 10th

  • Reuters: China tells U.S. to quit as human rights judge
    One of the perils of the U.S.'s decade-old habit of engaging in torture is that we can't pretend to be outraged when other countries do the same. We're a role model.
  • Wikipedia: Trailer (film)
    The MPAA caps the length of trailers at 2:30, though studios are allowed to break this rule with a single trailer each year. Trailers with a green background on the opening card are approved for all audiences (though, increasingly, for all audiences permitted to see the movie that's about to appear), while trailers with a red background on the opening card may only be shown before R, NC-17, or unrelated films.
  • The Washington Post: 27% of communication by members of Congress is taunting, professor concludes
    This is based on an analysis of press releases, a total of 64,000 of them sent out by U.S. Senators from 2005–2007. (So this does not include Representatives or comments made on the floor.) This is a great idea for a study.

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