SUSA: Deeds is crushing McAuliffe and Moran.

SUSA has Sen. Deeds up by basically the same margins as yesterday’s PPP poll, confirming their results. SUSA gives him 42%, McAuliffe a distant second at 30%, and poor Brian Moran with half of Deeds’ support, at 21%. At this point, Creigh Deeds would have to kill, skin, gut, cook, and eat a live puppy on video in order to lose this race, and even then I’m not sure that there’s time for McAuliffe and Moran to get the word out about it. Upstate he’s tripled his support (to 40%), non-gun-owners have also tripled their support (to 42%), women have tripled their support (to 40%), regular churchgoers have doubled their support (to 44%)…you name it, they’re not just breaking for Deeds, they’re overwhelmingly supporting him.

I’m waiting for a SUSA poll of the McAuliffe household—Deeds is probably up to 40% there.

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6 replies on “SUSA: Deeds is crushing McAuliffe and Moran.”

  1. Awesome.

    I was wondering why Doug Wilder was getting so sour on a Dem winning against McDonnell . . . he obviously has a some sort of grudge against Creigh.

  2. Hopeless political activist that I am I can’t help but think both polls are flawed and TMac is going to dump $1 million into field tomorrow.

  3. Whoops, evidently WordPress doesn’t do an htmlentities() on posts. Trying again:

    Insert quotes from McAuliffe screaming in 2008 about ignoring the polls, letting the voters speak, it’s good for the party, ignore the numbers, pay no attention to reality or logic, etc. etc. etc.

  4. Good point Will M, and he would also say:

    “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

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