5 things Terry McAuliffe plans to buy with his millions of dollars in the last 24 hours of the primary.

  1. One marching bands, 2,500 McAuliffe fortune cookies, 39 dinner tables, 1,000 McAuliffe signs, 300 glow sticks, and two after-dinner parties for each and every precinct in Virginia
  2. Credibility
  3. 1.56% of the electorate
  4. Creigh Deeds
  5. Your love and affirmation, please, he’s begging you

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21 replies on “5 things Terry McAuliffe plans to buy with his millions of dollars in the last 24 hours of the primary.”

  1. I have a personally autographed copy of McAuliffe’s book. I’ll donate it to the cause: highest bidder wins it, and all proceeds go to Deeds’ campaign!

  2. He’s going to buy the WAPO…new endorsement to be announced in the morning….

  3. Maybe he’ll take all of his employees from his five businesses out to lunch.

    Oh yeah…

  4. Well, I see he’s copy-catting Deeds. The final-24-hours TV commercial I just saw on Channel 7 compares McAuliffe favorably to Mark Warner, and it claims MickeyAlf is the only candidate who can beat McDonnell.

  5. The story I see in the polling charts is that the more people see of McAuliffe, the less they like him. He has almost the same problem that Rudy Giuliani had in the 2008 Republican Presidential primary.

    Look at how he just drops like a rock starting in mid-May, right when everyone started paying attention to the primary and looking seriously at candidates.

    If he somehow ends up with the nomination, this guy is doomed in November. Most voters find him more annoying the more they hear from him. This is the opposite of how to succeed as a political candidate.

  6. Terry McAuliffe could beat McDonnell in November. Creigh Deeds has proven that he can lose to McDonnell by the thinnest of margins. Creigh claims that had he received more money, then he would have won last time. If Deeds is the nominee, the next big step will be to see if the Moran and McAuliffe factions will pony-up money to support Deeds, given that Deeds does not have the substantial crossover appeal of previous statewide candidates, such as Warner or Kaine.

    The Democrats will win with McAuliffe, but with Deeds as the nominees, we should expect another nail-biter, with probably the Bush-clone McDonnell prevailing once again.

  7. Moran would help Deeds (tho’ how much he can do, $-wise, is a question for me). McAuliffe? I suspect he’ll disappear from VA politics, leaving a lot of people wondering where their checks went.

  8. If MickeyAlf wins, I see the Republicans tarring and feathering him with both the Clinton association and the liberal moniker. Neither play well in Virginia statewide.

    Personally, if he had a chance in November, I’d prefer Moran as the nominee. But for similar reasons I don’t think he’s electable statewide. That’s a shame, but I’d rather see a candidate who can stand up to the Bush clone and his apologists when they start throwing right-wing mud than see the Bush clone win. That candidate is Deeds.

    Deeds has enough centrist credentials to have the “L” label bounce off him, but he has enough progressive ideas and history to make him palatable to those of us who are left of center.

  9. Well, I see he’s copy-catting Deeds. The final-24-hours TV commercial I just saw on Channel 7 compares McAuliffe favorably to Mark Warner, and it claims MickeyAlf is the only candidate who can beat McDonnell.

    Comparing yourself to Warner in this race is like comparing yourself to Reagan in the GOP presidential primary: no one can lay claim to being the first to do it, since it was played out before the race even started. It’s fighting over coattails and we’ll be better off if we can get away from it being our candidates’ defining characteristic.



    Cut this crap out, please. A kindergartener would be ashamed to use this insult in public, and it just makes you and those you support look bad.

  10. J. Tyler,

    Is that comment just wishful thinking or do you really believe any of what you wrote?

    Look at that history in the polling and explain to all of us why it is that Terry McAuliffe plummeted as soon as coverage of the race began in earnest and ordinary people began hearing from him? Why?

    People don’t like him. Period. He turns most people off. The man’s entire career has consisted of putting on a little show for affluent left-wing Democrats in order to convince them to donate big money to the Clintons and to the DNC. That’s it. That is his whole resume. He has never been in a position where he’s had to even learn how to have a civil conversation with Republicans. He’s made a career out of attacking and vilifying Republicans and anyone the Clintons don’t like. You cannot win state-wide in Virginia like that. You have got to get along with moderates and conservatives in order to get anywhere in Virginia politics and Terry McAuliffe has no ability to do that. It’s against his nature.

    Your line about Deeds not having the cross-over appeal of Warner or Kaine is retarded (sorry, Allison). This is Bush-style ‘up is down’ talk. Creigh Deeds has been winning cross-over votes his entire political career. Look at a map of his district. You do not win elections in rural Virginia without having cross-over appeal.

    The man has won the simultaneous endorsements of NARAL and the NRA. That might as well be a textbook definition of ‘crossover appeal.’

  11. “Terry McAuliffe could beat McDonnell in November.”

    The problem right now is that I haven’t yet seen any hard evidence proving that Terry McAuliffe could beat Creigh Deeds in June.

  12. “Terry McAuliffe could beat McDonnell in November.”

    Mean, inappropriate comment: At what? Please, dear god, let it be the quiet game. At least try, Terry (and Bob)!

    Sorry, some comments, I cannot resist.

  13. J. Tyler:

    Regarding cross-over appeal. I think Jackson Landers is correct. I’m a generally conservative independent who would possibly vote for Deeds. There is no way in hell I would vote for McAuliffe. I have a feeling there are many, many others in my boat.

    Like I’ve said before, I’ll probably be voting McDonnell in November. Best of the 4 at this point. I think McDonnell would win in a walk over McAuliffe. Deeds would be a much harder fight for McDonnell. So why would I support Deeds over McAuliffe?

    Because he’s Terry Fecking McAuliffe! And that’s enough to ensure my vote for the Republican come the general.

  14. This is highly anecdotal, but of the 20 or so voters who have shared with me their gubernatorial vote today… it’s 100% Deeds.

  15. Terry McAuliffe was impressively gracious in defeat. He made a meaningful move in the service of unity with an immediate email to his supporters fundraising for Deeds.

    Good on him.

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