Suffolk U. poll is a love letter to Deeds from VA Democrats.

Suffolk University’s new poll is like a big, wet kiss on Creigh Deeds’ cheek. He’s 7% ahead of Brian Moran and Terry McAuliffe (who are tied at 20%), but the real action comes in the questions about who has the most experience, who can deal with transportation problems, who has the best leadership skills, etc. Deeds comes out on top in all but one (he’s 1% behind McAuliffe in “Who will be the strongest opponent to face Republican Bob McDonnell?”), putting him in an awfully strong position these five days before the election. Moran and McAuliffe are dragging each other down, fighting over the same primary votes, leaving Deeds to calmly collect a plurality from the rest of the state…like I said.

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3 replies on “Suffolk U. poll is a love letter to Deeds from VA Democrats.”

  1. Stephen – Not sure I trust that McAuliffe drop off of 15% in NOVA. That’s pretty severe and when you’re only polling 400 people statewide you could have just grabbed the wrong ten folks this time around. Or you did it last time. Still interesting to see Deeds popping up across the board.

  2. Creigh’s going to have better turn-out on election day. He’s been here all his life and has run a state-wide campaign before and he has a lot of people who are very loyal to him personally. Party chairs all over the state who are in his corner and will be getting a few other volunteers together on election night to make calls for him to people they have personally known for years. And that means something to undecided primary voters, when the party chair they’ve known for half their lives calls up the night before election day and says “I really want you to support Creigh.”

    Who is going to do that for McAuliffe? I mean, a few people, sure. But the guy just waltzed in here about 5 minutes ago and decided he wanted to be a big wheel in Virginia politics. What’s he ever done for any of these people? There is no personal loyalty at work. No reason to go the extra mile. Creigh has roots here and McAuliffe just doesn’t.

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